The last generation of homeowners often would complete home renovation projects, many of which included covering original hardwood flooring with either carpet or vinyl. While at the time, this was a common and even coveted aesthetic, in today’s markets finding original hardwoods below the current flooring is like hitting a gold mine.

Luckily, even if original hardwood floors are found years or even decades later, they can be restored to their original beauty fairly easily. Hardwood floors can be durable and long-lasting if cared for and restored properly and more often than not, add value to the home.

Step 1 – SandHow to Save Original Hardwood Flooring

First and foremost, you should always sand down the flooring. Even if the floor looks to have a good finish on it, by sanding this will help even out the flooring from any settling over the years as well as result in a more even and visually appealing finished product.

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Step 2 – Clean/Dry Mop

Once sanding is complete you should then make sure to clean the whole room, not just the floors. Always clean the room from the top to bottom so that any dust that reached the walls, ceilings, light fixtures, etc. will all fall to the floor while cleaning, ensuring that when you reach the floors, you’ll only have to clean them once.

Step 3 – Clean/Wet Mop

Once you’ve cleared all the dust from sanding as well as additional debris or cobwebs, it is now time to mop the floors. It is highly recommended to only use cleaning products that are made for hardwoods. You can even find specific cleaners for refinishing and revitalizing your floors. Use this solution in a spray mop or wet mop and make sure to evenly mop all surfaces, including corners or hard to reach areas.

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Step 4 – Re-Seal and Polish

Now that your floors are prepped and ready, it is time to choose your finish. You can find natural polishes to enhance the natural color of the flooring, stains, sealant, etc. You should always try a small patch of flooring in a low-traffic and non-noticeable area prior to polishing and finish your floors to ensure that you like the color or seal you initially chose.

Viola! You now have revitalized and re-finished hardwood floors without spending thousands on installation. In some cases, original flooring may require extra attention or even repair, in these cases, the process may differ, and ultimately if you are not comfortable moving forward, it is always best to seek professional help.

We love helping homeowners rediscover the joy of hardwood. But sometimes it’s buried under layers of living and carpet. Let it shine once again with these tips or simply contact us anytime for updating your hardwood floors.

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