Painting your home is a significant project worthy of hiring professional painters. If you’ve chosen to hire a professional painting service you can expect a high-quality paint job, that not only looks great but continues to impress for years to come. The quality alone is worth the price, and considering the equipment you would have to buy to do it yourself, the professionals may actually save you money.

But when you choose a professional service, it is important to remember that much of the preparation may be your responsibility, unless otherwise specified by the company. Some painting companies will offer extra services for preparing and cleaning, yet even so, there are some things you should do before they arrive.

Clear The Walls

First of all, make sure to take down all of your wall hangings and store them in a safe place. If your pictures, paintings, mirrors, and such things are still on the walls, it will be difficult for the painters to effectively do their job. It’s better to have this done before they come so you and the painters are not tripping over each other as you try to put things away.

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Move Any Ornaments

Whatever ornaments are freestanding decoration, such as lamps, should also be moved to a safe area. Covering those items with drop cloths is an option but it’s always better to move those things as far away as possible. This could be as simple as moving things to another room and will avoid possible accidents and damage.

Clear Access of Any Obstructions

Considering access and clearing the way for the painting team helps them complete the job efficiently. A job that can be completed more easily and quickly can cost considerably less versus a job with unnecessary difficulties. Consider where the painters will need to walk on the areas needed for their equipment. Remove bulky furniture items where possible and anything else that may obstruct their work.

Remove Curtains, Rugs and Soft Furnishings

Anything of value that can be moved out of the painting area should be moved before the painters come. Finally, go through the work area and remove all curtains, check the floors for any rugs and also remove throws and soft furnishings. The professional painting team knows how to get the job done with the minimal mess but there are always a few splashes and an accident is possible, so it’s always better to take precautions.

Final Preparations

Depending on the company it may be necessary to also prepare the surfaces that will be painted. Minimally, this would mean thoroughly cleaning and drying the surfaces. Inspecting for issues such as damaged gypsum, rotted wood or rusting metal is important so those can be addressed prior to painting.

Ask Ahead of Time

Most importantly, talk to your painting company ahead of time, ask about their specific services and what things you need to do to prepare. Give yourself plenty of time and know exactly what you need to do, this will save you from last-minute surprises resulting in a smooth-running project.

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