If you’ve purchased a home that was built during the popcorn ceilings craze, you may be tempted to try and start scraping. While there are ways you can safely and effectively remove popcorn ceilings, it, unfortunately, isn’t as simple of a project as you may think. In addition to taking time, you also need to have the right tools to keep the dust at bay and should always be aware of the potential problems that may arise.

Unfortunately, there are many DIY projects that have swept through the real estate world. One of which is the removal of popcorn ceilings. It has become a widely underwhelming project that many homeowners believe they can do themselves. Regardless of how simple it may seem, prior to beginning the project you should always do your research on any and everything that could potentially go wrong. There are two main hazards, or red flags if you will, that could arise during and after the removal of popcorn ceilings.

Should you remove popcorn ceilings?

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The main hazard you could potentially face when removing popcorn ceilings is exposing yourself, as well as the others that live within the home, to asbestos. This is caused by removing the ceiling while it is too dry and the asbestos fibers will then be airborne and could remain in the home indefinitely, causing potential health problems.

The second thing to be aware of is the risk of water damage and mold. After discovering the risk of asbestos exposure if the ceiling is too dry, you may be tempted to use too much water to keep the ceilings wet. While the ceiling does indeed need to be wet for proper removal, by wetting the ceiling down too heavily you could damage the drywall and then create the potential for mold to grow.

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While you may be saving a few bucks by removing the ceilings yourself, both asbestos and mold are two very serious hazards that will require costly repairs, and in most cases, will end up costing more than the initial removal fees. In addition to the repairs, you may also find yourself paying potential medical care that may be needed.

With the proper knowledge and the right tools, it is possible to safely and effectively remove popcorn ceilings. If you aren’t confident or comfortable removing them, it is always recommended that you contact a professional to assist you.

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