Nearly all lists of quick home repairs, or ways to spruce up your home will include some sort of pressure washing. While there is nothing wrong with pressure washing, and it indeed is a great way to boost your curb appeal, there are certain areas of your home that should be avoided when it comes to using a pressure washer.

#1 – Sliding Glass Doors and Windows

This may seem self-explanatory, however, oftentimes you may accidentally hit a window or door while pressure washing other areas of your home. Window and sliding glass door seals can easily be broken by a pressure washing which can result in standing water between window panes, and potential mold.

#2 – Electrical

Any type of electrical components should never be pressure washed, regardless of if they are outside or not. While they may be protected from rainfall, they are not designed to withstand the heavy water flow or pressure that is applied when using a pressure washer.

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#3 – Painted Surfaces

If you have recently repainted a patio or deck, regardless of it is outdoor or heavy-duty paint, you should never pressure wash a painted surface unless you plan on repainting it afterwards and are using the pressure washer as a cleaning method. The pressure washer will nearly always chip away at the paint and leave a patchy paint job afterwards.

#4 – Roofing

This is especially true when it comes to asphalt roofing as a pressure washer will end up washing away and removing many of the granules that help protect your roof from leaks or damage. Pressure washers also have a lot of force behind them, so using them up high on a roof without proper safety equipment could be dangerous.

#5 – Wood Siding

While it may be tempting to give your siding a deep clean, unfortunately, pressure washing isn’t the best way to go. Using a pressure washer on wood siding opens the possibility of water logged wood leading to damaging insulation, electrical wiring and creating a place for mold to grow.

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#6 – Vehicles

This may seem like common knowledge, but much like windows and doors, you may accidentally hit your car while pressure washing a driveway or fence. Make sure to move your vehicle to a safe area at an appropriate distance prior to starting a pressure washing project.

If you are hoping to give your home a good cleaning or a light facelift and plan to use a pressure washer, be sure to avoid these few areas to prevent potential damage.

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