Mold is one of the most dreaded words when it comes to homeownership. Black mold, slime mold, any kind of mold is bad mold. Contrary to common belief mold is not only a problem when it comes to older homes but can be just as big of a risk in a newer home as well. Mold requires moisture and thus is generally found in areas where moisture is present. The most common areas that you may find mold:


Bathrooms are quite often the most popular place to find mold and because of this when completing a bathroom renovation, big or small, if you are uncomfortable with the materials or want to err on the side of caution, you should use a professional who is well educated in identifying, treating and preventing mold both during and after your reno.

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Leaking Pipes:

Leaking pipes can be anywhere within a house where plumbing is present, even in areas you may not have thought of such as under your flooring where a hot water pipeline runs. Should you have a leaking pipe you want to be sure to repair or replace it immediately. Unfortunately if an unseen pipe leaks, you may not find the problem before it’s too late, in this case, mold will be highly present and will require a professional for cleaning and removal.

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Roof Leaks:

Roofing is always a renovation project that should be completed by a professional. One roof leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage and is one of the easiest ways to allow mold into your home. Luckily roof leaks are easily avoidable as long as you maintain your roof and have it installed and inspected by roofing professionals.

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High Humidity:

If you live in an area that is known for drastically high humidity, 70% or higher, then you are at high risk for a mold infestation. It is vital to have good air circulation in areas of high humidity and recommended to have a company with knowledge in mold testing scheduled semi-annually to stay ahead of any potential problems.

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Flood Zones:

Even if your home hasn’t had any water leaks, if you live in a flood zone you are at a higher risk for mold to be present. If there have been past floods be sure to have your home inspected for any mold presence, likewise, should there be a flood you will want to hire a flood cleaning company to come and dry out the flooring and walls to help prevent future mold from growing.

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While in some cases you may find the dreaded mold too late, as long as you keep an eye on your pipes, bathroom surrounds, roof, and humidity levels the likelihood of mold presence diminishes significantly.

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