With Pinterest and vision boards it isn’t uncommon for people to have grand visions for their homes and have their remodeling jobs and projects all planned out for a DIY weekend. While there are many projects that turn out perfectly with a little imagination and elbow grease, there are some projects that truly should be left to the professionals. While it is always good to do your research on the jobs you have planned to see if it is within your wheelhouse or not, make sure you do not take on a project that is more than you can chew as you could end up causing more damage that will thus require additional repairs.  The top 5 remodeling jobs you should always hire a professional for are:4 Remodeling Jobs Best Left to the Professionals

#1 – Electrical

Electrical could quite possibly be single-handedly one of the hardest home improvement projects out there as it is very easy for things to go wrong. When working on any project that involves electrical components be sure to hire a licensed electrician.

#2 – Plumbing

When working on a plumbing job, you can nearly never expect to only go to the store once, something will go wrong, a pipe won’t fit, the water will leak, etc. There are so many problems that could arise when trying to complete a plumbing job yourself without the proper experience. The number one risk when it comes to a DIY plumbing job is mold. If pipes are not sealed properly or fit perfectly you could have a small water leak that could result in mold problems down the line.

#3 – Roofing4 Remodeling Jobs Best Left to the Professionals

Roofing is surprisingly a project that is taken on by more homeowners than you may realize. While installing your own roof may save you some cash upfront, the damage that could come down the road will cost thousands more than if you would have simply hired the professionals from the get go. Roof leaks, potential mold problems, as well as risking the life of your roof dwindling due to improper installation are only a few of the risks you will take when installing your own roof. To get the most life out of your roof and avoid any help avoid any of these risks, be sure to hire a seasoned professional.

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#4 – Tile Work

4 Remodeling Jobs Best Left to the ProfessionalsTile work could be one of the simplest ways to instantly elevate the look of your kitchen or bathroom. While adding a backsplash seems simple, you have to install it correctly in order to avoid water being trapped behind the tile which could cause mold, improperly installed tile could also lead to greying or yellowing grout and sealant, or tile that shifts within a few years.

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In addition to backsplashes, tile flooring, bathtub surrounds, mosaic work and more, are all very intricate and require a lot of planning, installation, as well thought out placement. Tile saws are nearly always needed and if not used properly you can damage the tile and end up purchasing way more tiles than needed for your project due to broken pieces. If you want your tile to last, find a professional to ensure your tile is installed correctly and looks beautiful for years to come.

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Whether you are tackling a simple DIY project, remodeling jobs, or hiring a professional to complete a larger scale project, updating and upgrading your home is always a great investment.

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