The finishes and materials used when building your dream home are always important, however, when building a home that is in a storm-prone area, it is just as, if not more important to make sure the materials used are strong enough to withstand the weather and are storm-resistant.

Storm Shutters

One of the simplest things to add to an existing home or request in a new build is storm shutters. Storm shutters have come a long way and can be either neutral tones and simple or extremely decorative becoming both a design element and focal point for your home. Storm shutters will protect your windows from high winds or flying debris when a storm comes through.

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When it comes to building a new construction home, concrete walls are the strongest when it comes to being weather resistant. According to research completed at Texas Tech University, concrete walls are far superior to either timber or steel and will provide your home with the needed strength to avoid damage caused by flying debris or heavy winds.


Whether you are building or upgrading your home, your front door should always be strong and resilient to heavy winds, rain, hail, as well as flying debris. It is recommended that you install a fiberglass door without windows to help keep your home safe and protected from any potential storm damages as well as storm-resistant.

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Roofing is another main area of a home that can see extreme damages caused by the elements. While there are specific roofing materials that are recommended for different climates, metal roofing is the strongest and most durable when it comes to hurricanes and storms. The only downside to installing a metal roof is that they are noisy during rainfall, however, in some cases, a metal roof can be installed directly over other roofing materials. Ask your roofer if this is an option to help minimize noise.

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Garage Door

Much like the roof, if you have a garage door, it will also need to be weatherproof. Metal garage doors will not only help protect your home from storm-related damages, but should you choose to install both metal roofing and garage doors, you can correlate them to match and look cohesive and visually appealing. As with the front door, you will also want to make sure that your garage doors are free of any windows or glass features and elements as these are easily breakable.

If you are planning to build a new home, upgrade your current home, or have any questions regarding storm-resistant building materials, feel free to contact one of our team members at any time to schedule a consultation.

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