As a hurricane sweep the coast, many homeowners are left scrambling to try and reinforce and prepare their homes for potential damage. While in some scenarios you may be required to evacuate, there are a few easy ways you can help protect and prepare your home for the storm ahead.

#1 Plywood

This is a cheap and yet effective way to help protect your home during a heavy storm or hurricane. Once the warnings have been released use the plywood to cover your windows and glass doors to help prevent potential breakage. Plywood is in high demands during hurricane season, so it is recommended to try and stock up during off season and store it until needed.

#2 Surge Protection

One of the first and most immediate affects you may notice during a storm is power surges. This can happen in an instant and cause damages to your appliances and electrical components. If you are not knowledgeable with electrical repairs or improvements, look into hiring a professional to ensure your surge protectors are installed correctly to provide the most protection.

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#3 Air Conditioning

If you have an outdoor air conditioning unit that is not currently covered, it is highly recommended that you look into installing a year-round cover to help protect the unit from any debris brought in by a storm. If your unit is still under warranty you will want to make sure you use an approved cover so that you don’t void the warranty, however, if your unit is not currently under warranty, a quick DIY solution such as a tarp may work during a storm but is not recommended to be used year-round.

#4 Clean up the Yard

Unfortunately, when it comes to storms you cannot fully protect your home, however, by cleaning up any loose debris or potential hazards from your property you can diminish the possible risk of damages. Lawn furniture, swings from swing sets, outdoor toys, gardening supplies, etc. are all examples of what should be picked up and stored.

#5 Check Your Homeowners or Renters Insurance

This is vital in protecting not just your house but your personal belongings as well. You will want to make sure that your policy has flood insurance and that any valuables are listed on your policy to ensure they are fully covered.

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#6 Gutters

When living in an area that is prone to the risks of natural disasters or storms you should always try to keep your gutters and drains clear of any and all debris. Even if you clean your gutters regularly, once a storm is in the forecast, as long as it is safe to do so, it is recommended that you give your gutters one last cleaning before the storm hits.

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