The Top Two Fad Renovations

There is nothing better than remodeling up upgrading your home. Homeowners often take immense pride in their upgrades and renovations and thus will often try to stay up to date with trends to keep their home looking it’s best, however, there are some renovations that should be avoided. Renovations that are fads, or not popular among most buyers, will end up costing you more than just the materials. By completing a renovation that doesn’t add value to your home you are not only out the renovation cost but are also deterring potential buyers in the future.

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One of the biggest fad renovations mistakes to make takes place in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and this is where a lot of time is spent. While we aren’t saying that large kitchens are overrated, you want to be careful with the layout when it comes to a kitchen expansion. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. A large kitchen with a poor layout can ruin the functionality of the kitchen entirely.

If you can’t easily move a pan from the counter to the oven or bring veggies from the fridge to the sink to be rinsed, there truly isn’t a point in the extra space. Additionally, try avoiding granite countertops, overuse of subway tile, large hardware pieces, or cherry cabinetry as these fads are already working their way out. In conclusion when it comes to a kitchen renovation, ignore the “Bigger is Better Fad” and make sure the space is functional, flows, and works to your advantage.

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Another common fad renovations that is currently sweeping through the nation is a Great Room. While we are all for open concept, there are wrong ways to go about creating one should your home not be equipped with one already. By simply knocking down walls, creating support beams, and going for the biggest great room possible you risk the dreaded echo chamber. When choosing to create a Great Room be sure to map it out and think about the echo issues you may face.

If you choose to use hard flooring without the use of oversized couches or furniture, area rugs, etc. then when you turn around and sell your home the echoing is nearly guaranteed to defer potential buyers. Instead of fully opening up a wall, look into the potential of doing a wall cut out, still leaving portions of the wall exposed to help absorb some of the sound.

In addition, by using carpeting in the room or large area rugs over hardwood or tile floors, or large cushioned couches and chairs, some of the noise will bounce or be absorbed ensuring that there isn’t a constant echo after each conversation.

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While there are many fad renovations that you should avoid, especially if you plan to re-sell, these are two that are most likely to either decrease or increase your home’s value, so ensuring that you do the renovations correctly and efficiently is key in your ability to protect your investment.

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